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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Problem With Dating White Girl Rejects...

I only date white guys. Is that wrong?

Well hun, if you want to avoid your following problems...then, YES!

His penis is so small the condom came off me during sex!

What do u when u go home with a guy and he can't get it up?

Remember sistas, the primary reason why some White guys specialize in Asian women is because frankly, they suck in bed (too small, ED, creepy weirdos, etc.) and can't satisfy White women. So, they seek us out because they believe we are easier targets with lower standards. Same reason why some guys are pedos or drive huge-ass Hummers. Trust me, I learned this the hard way!

There's *ahem* a REASON why White girls REJECTED them! And I can guarantee you, these guys were ALL painfully rejected, at some point. Probably laughed out of bed a few good times... So, do you really want THEIR irregular leftovers??? SERIOUSLY now GIRLS, STAY AWAY FROM these WHITE RICE HOUNDS, they are the WORST GUYS IN BED EVAHHH!!!!!

SORRY BOYS...but we're ON TO YOU and your secret's OUT now! Now leave us alone!

Luv & Kisses!