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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Old White Man With Herpes "Rapes" Dumb Asian Virgin!

A recent, interesting story from Craigslist (San Francisco)...sounds all too eerily familiar. I know I can certainly relate. Which shows just how common these scenarios really are. It's déjà vu all over again. The nightmare behind the lame fantasy. Another sad victim of Caucaholism...

Read and pay attention, ladies! Please don't learn the hard way like this dum-dum!

Pete Daigle, 44 years old, wonderful, wooonnderful.. creep (santa rosa)
Reply to:
Date: 2007-02-02, 10:21PM PST

a true example of the American way. To be proud to be a coast guard retiree.

thanks for sticking your dick in me from behind. I didn't even know it was coming. I always told you I didn't want sex. Why wouldn't you listen? I only knew you for 2 days, and that's how my virginity was lost.

thank you for lieing to me about your genital herpes. it only took me 6 months for me to really get you to be tested. Wait, no, it was 6 months for you to admit you had herpes, another couple weeks for you to confess that you knew it all along and never got the test. and yes, somehow you got Dr. Goodman of Rohnert Park to lie about it to me, too. Oh, it would take 2 weeks to get the test results back. oh no, a couple more days. oh, no, the lab said a couple more days. oh wait no, it actually takes 4 weeks. What really happened was they never sent it to the lab. I don't know how you got them to do that or even why you wanted to treat me so badly. I guess it's the whole rape thing - the demonstration of white supremecy over asian girl?

As long as there are stories of happy Asian girls being used by men at least 15 years older than them, I will ALWAYS NEVER be well again. I never knew I could feel so suicidal again, but apparently it can happen. It's been a bad 5 days. The Stanford Girl who was found in YOUR CITY, great Santa Rosa, dead, in the trunk of her own car. Out of all places, YOUR CITY. and yes, I still hate you for all the things that you did and got away with. I won't even start with the Santa Rosa police. Just because I didn't report you until at least a year later, it's not considered sexual assault, but revenge?? Even though the doctor had a record of what I said less than a week after it happened. Even though my friends knew I had been crying all day after the incident? GR.

I know you don't care, but for some reason I still do. You got to feel what it was like inside a young Asian virgin. congratulations. I hope I get to rape you someday too.

Anyway, the rape crisis center recommended that I write things down to channel my anger. This note is trying to do just that.

Good night.

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Rape, lies and STDs. Classic old White boy meets young Asian girl story. Awwwies! You lie with dogs, you get, herpes!

If whoever wrote this story ever reads this, please holla at me girl! =(


At Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 1:28:00 PM PST, Blogger Mike said...

lol what a dumbass

brainwashing is some powerful stuff i guess


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